Susie-Homemaker When I Want to Be…


So anyone that knows me knows that I am totally not a susie-homemaker kind of gal.  I don’t love to cook… I rarely eat at meal at my table… and it’s really rare that I eat something that hasn’t been “cooked” in the microwave!  However, after discovering a spinach-artichoke pizza at the Laguardia Airport on Friday, I knew that the only way to have this pizza again in Somerset would be if I made it myself!  So I ventured into the grocery store to stumble around last night collecting the needed ingredients.  With an impromptu snow day I decided to spend my morning tackling the spinach-artichoke pizza in my rarely used but oh-so-cute kitchen!



And here it is!  And I have to say that is was super YUMMY!!!  So… it’s not that I can’t cook!  I totally can when I want to and when there is time to do it!  Now I think I’ll enjoy another slice of pizza 🙂


Here is the recipe I used if anyone wants to try it out!


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